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Our “Baby” and Books. 5! Really? Already?!

Our Bubble Belly “Baby” is Turning 5?!  I can’t even believe this is coming. I know, I know. You hear moms say this all the time, while crying, “Where has the time gone?” Right? Kids grow so fast! You hear it all the time but when it is your own, yes, you really do tear up just thinking about it.

So my littlest is going to turn 5 next month. She is the funniest little 4 year old and such a “boss”, seriously the best little coworker/sidekick and I can’t even bear thinking about her turning 5 and moving onto her first year of school. I mean really, 5 is a BIG DEAL! It’s the beginning of an entirely new “era” in toddler life…and really, they are no longer considered true “toddlers” anymore when they hit this age. They are like actual little humans (ha, ha) and getting to the “big kid” stage. No more “T” at the end of their clothing sizes too, to further cement the fact that they are growing!

They are no longer just ours. They will soon belong to “The System”. Mamas, know what I mean? Of course if you are planning on home schooling, this step may feel a little different but if you do plan on sending your little “into The System”, this certainly can be a very difficult milestone for your little and likely more for you.

Although it is great and huge and for some mamas, perhaps it is something you have looked forward to because after all, I know there are times where the days can seem painfully LONG when you are living life with a toddler and perhaps multiples but I always remind myself every single day that it is so true that “the days are long but the years are short”.   kids-personalized-books-childrens-books-gifts

These precious years when it is just you and them and when their world revolves around just YOU seem to slip through your fingertips so fast, no matter how hard you try to hold on.

Anyway, I’ll keep this short for now as I know I will be here “crying” to you all again in a few weeks when her actual birth-day arrives. I truly will miss every single moment of my days with my Little. She is so EASY and fun and so full of energy. So full of love.

I love waking up to her and having her “rule” my days. I enjoy having to figure out how I can get things done at home and at the shop everyday with a little one demanding all my time.

She had already declared that she “is never going to school! School is boring! Mama school is way more fun!” even though she has never gone to school and I was lucky enough to be able to keep here with me at our little shop since she was born. She literally grew up in our little shop, rolling over for the first time, crawling, climbing, walking/running, galloping (she loves to pretend she’s a horse). She declared she will NEVER go to school when she heard she would have to be registered for school last year and reminds me every time the topic of school comes up.

However, just this week, a month before she turns 5, she walked around the shop and started to collect things that she thinks she will “need” when she starts Kindergarten. She said, “Mom, I am going to shop for all the things I need for school so you won’t have to worry!” Oh, my heart!!! I want to cry just thinking about it. First I was worried about how it might be traumatic on her first day if she was going to continue to not want to go. Now only a month from her turning 5, out of nowhere, she has started to prepare herself for school!

It’s like an emotional roller coaster. I am a little relieved but at the same time my heart is breaking just a little bit with each passing day, knowing she will soon not spend all her days as my little side kick here at the shop.

Her independence is already showing more and more and I couldn’t be more proud and excited for her new adventures but at the same time wanting to hold on to every single moment and slow time down now. I know the next few months will fly by and the new school year will begin all too soon.

With that said, the one thing that (I’m happy) won’t change is our bedtime routine. I am going to cherish our nightly routine as our days will certainly be forever changed once she is in school.

She still loves her story times and our bedtime reading. So although we don’t carry these lovely personalized books in our store, I wanted to share these with you all. There is a discount of 25% off today and tomorrow and FREE SHIPPING for purchases of $60 or more so check it out soon! There are so many choices and titles from which to choose. I’m definitely going to take advantage of this awesome deal!

My sister had purchased one of these for my middle child when she was just a tot. Both girls just LOVE the book so much and I remember how magical it was when we read it for the first time and they noticed that the book was personalized. It made the story THAT much more magical. We must have read this particular book with her big sister’s name a thousand times.

So to make our night time story routines extra special for my littlest, I am ordering FIVE personalized books specifically for her, for her 5th birthday. She is going to love having the books with her name and seeing how they come to life and are personalized for her!

This will be one of her favorite birthday presents, I already know it. I know out of all the things she will open, this personalized book will be one she will cherish and love, just like her big sister. We love books anyway and they always make great gifts. You can check them out here and see the magic that a personalized book can bring to your little ones life too!

Hope you enjoy it! If you do decide to purchase one, I would love to hear which one you get and how you like them! If you’re local, we hope to see you in the shop soon!

Cheers to milestones!