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Avocado Toast: Worth the Hype?

So even if you’re not on social media “that much”, do not watch t.v. and don’t get out often (i.e. someone like me), you’ve undoubtedly heard or perhaps seen some buzz or numerous avocado toast pictures plastered all over, seemingly all of a sudden, as you quickly scroll through your SM pages or maybe even your email (avocado adverts popping up on the side bar), etc.

What is this “new” avocado toast craze that everyone is all excited about. So why all of a sudden and why is this considered “new” and is it really THAT good?!

Umm, YES! Well, and NO! Okay, so YES it’s really THAT good and NO, it’s not really new. I mean, I feel like I’ve been eating smashed avocado on toast since I was a baby so really, I don’t know why all of a sudden it’s been splashed all over the place like it’s something new but regardless, if you have been holed up somewhere and still have NOT tried it or don’t really know what it is, you definitely need to try it (that is, if you don’t gag at the site of mushed up avocados! I know some people who can’t stand the look and don’t care for the texture nor the taste). If you don’t have an aversion to avos and aren’t allergic, and would like a quick, easy to prepare, relatively low cost, and quick and healthy meal with only a few simple ingredients, give this a try.

Whether it be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner here is a very easy (as in no one can mess this up) and very basic recipe to start with. Then you can “graduate” to more ingredients and more complex versions and experiment with toppings (like over medium egg, turkey, smoked salmon, red onions and scallions & pine nuts just to name a few of our favorites).

Ingredients listed below are for about 6 servings (number of avocados will vary depending on how much avo each person likes on their toast):

QTY (3) Large Ripe Avocados

About 6-8 Cherry Tomatoes per person (halved)

Sliced Whole Grain Wheat Bread (Toasted)

Sea Salt (or Himalayan Pink is the best if you have it on hand)

Fresh Ground Pepper

Garlic Powder (optional)

Lime/Lemon (optional)

To prepare, cut open the avocados, remove seed and scoop out just enough for each slice of toast and mash it right up as you are spreading it onto each piece of toast. I do this to limit the amount of things to wash later vs scooping everything out and mashing everything together in a bowl. Or you can just use the avocado shell as a mini bowl and just do your mashing there.

Once the avocado is spread over the toast, sprinkle sea salt and fresh cracked pepper lightly over to taste. Add garlic powder and a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime if desired.

Lastly press halved cherry tomatoes into the avocado and voila! It’s ready to consume. No other ingredients are needed. Some recipes call for extra oil and butter to mix into the mashed avo or butter for the bread but why add those extra unhealthy fats when you’ve already got enough good fats in the avocado itself? It certainly does not need it. If you have larger tomatoes instead of small Cherry tomatoes, just either dice them up or slice and place full rounds on top! Typically eaten open faced but you can add another piece of toast on top like a sandwich.

I literally made this in 5 minutes and it was gobbled up in about equal the amount of time and really, then the family was off and getting ready for bed 5 minutes after that!

I got super busy today so we had a late night and I really didn’t have time, nor the desire to make a full blown meal. It’s a school night for the girls so staying up much later waiting for dinner to be ready was not an option and I didn’t want to send everyone to bed with a heavy meal so close to bedtime (and that’s usually the case with take-out or delivery).

This just worked out as we already had all the ingredients and the best part was I didn’t need to break out any pots and pans nor worry about a sink full of dirty dishes afterwards.

It’s just an easy way to eat healthy and feel completely fulfilled and full without putting yourself into an unhealthy food coma, especially when you’re feeling hungry but don’t have the time nor want to feel like you’re going to go lie down with a brick in your belly if it’s going to be a late dinner.

For those with kids who like to help, this is easy to prepare and relatively low mess; in one of the most basic forms, which is the recipe I’ve listed here, it only consists of 5 ingredients and it can be made and gobbled up in about 5 minutes and with no real dishes to wash! If only dinner could be this quick and easy every night! I know, not all kids like avocado (or tomatoes) but it’s worth a try, especially when avocado toasts takes very minimal effort to prepare and often when kids get to help prepare it, they are more likely to eat it than if it was just made for them. You can even cut the toast into fun shapes or cut it into strips or bite sized squares. Make faces on the toast with the avocados and tomatoes to help encourage little ones to take a bite.

Don’t forget, this same basic recipe makes for a great light breakfast and something very easy to take for lunch as well!

Here are some great facts and benefits to help motivate you to give it a go:

  • Low cost meal when made at home, that is both fast AND healthy
  • Avocados are basically available year round
  • Avocados are higher in Potassium than bananas. Potassium is something that is difficult for most people to get enough of in their regular diets.
  • Avocados are high in healthy fats
  • Avocados are high in carbs but most of that is fiber which is great to keep our bodies functioning the way it should! 😉
  • Eating avocados with other low fat plant foods can help in the absorption of antioxidants so it’s important to mix in a healthy fat when consuming foods high in antioxidents. People on low fat, plant based diets need a healthy fat in order to help their bodies make the most of the foods they eat
  • Adding avocados to a diet has been shown in studies to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and lessen the symptoms of arthritis, amongst other health benefits

There are so many other benefits and I’m definitely not an expert nor a nutritionist so definitely check with your doctor or health professional for all the facts, recommendations for your particular health situation, and scientific data but all in all, avocados to me, are one of nature’s most perfect and incredible creations. It’s packed with so many nutrients, readily available (lucky for us here in CA too), it can be used in so many things from desserts to drinks, and is a healthy and tasty food to work into your family’s diet.

So if you haven’t tried avocado toast (or maybe you haven’t made it yet at home), give this very simple and healthy recipe a try and taste for yourself why there’s all the hype and seemingly newfound craze around Avocado Toast and let us know how you liked it plus what you liked best!

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