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The Journey Begins

blogging-office-workspace-2018Thanks for joining us on this journey!  After years of writing and also being in the children’s retail business and of course having 3 little ones of our own, we’ve done some pretty amazing things, gone on some fantastic journeys, made a TON of arts and crafts and DIY projects, gone through the ups and downs and ‘WAY UPS’ again of parenthood from feeding to sleeping (or lack there of), and of course shopping.  Trying to find things that are wonderful, whimsical, and special while trying to keep some semblance of a budget in mind as our family grew, we know these years can seem hectic and often times insane but these years are also short.  So it is our goal and passion to make everyday magical and special.  We want more.  We want unique.  We want fun.  None of the “same old, same old” and always, as much as we can, steering away from Big Boxes, unless it’s a big cardboard box in which we can cut out and paint and turn into a house or a train or a cave or stable or…101 things you and your kids can do or make with a cardboard box.

We’ve posted and shared everything from our fun kid-friendly crafts and adventures to awesome fashion for kids (naturally as our little shop in Downtown Davis, CA and our online store has been a complete labor of love for us for over 5 years now, almost a decade if you count when we first started the concept and design in 2008).

On our parenthood journey, we have always searched for and shared ways to get little ones to eat their veggies, eat more healthy as a family and also things to do to keep the little ones busy from day to busy-crazy-hectic day while all of us are learning and trying to stay sane.

We’ve shared these great tips, lifestyle and inspiration via our social media pages both public and personal and many have asked us, urged us and questioned why we still did not have a blog in order to share this with the rest of the world.  With much thought and initial hesitation, mainly due to the limited amount of “hours in the day”, as most of our friends, family, and fellow busy mamas can relate, we finally decided to give this blog thing a go.  And when we say “we”, “we” mean “I”.  Who knows when and if the Bubble Belly Hubs will hop on and share some thoughts too.  He’s not a man of many words…no pun intended but it was fitting…

Anyway, who knows if anyone will see or read this first post but at the very least, as this blog grows it will be a great way for “us”, as in “me”, to jot things down, post and share ideas and random thoughts, tips etc.  With that said, it also forced us to get our dedicated office space together and cleaned up a bit.  Since we moved into our new, old (very old) century fixer upper over a year ago, we have been way too busy to do much and have been slowly chipping away when we have the time and energy to fix up, remodel, clean this old house.  The office, well, had been just a big storage room with unopened and still unpacked boxes from our move of office and work/business items.  We used it as the office the entire year for our business but it definitely was not “IG picture” worthy.  Ha, ha.  With a retail brick and mortar business, online shop, and 3 very busy little ones (and an active PoPo (grandmother in Chinese), it often seems impossible to get a minute to actually sit down to do anything, let alone any “quiet” time to write.  So this is a good start.

It’s always nice to have a bright, clean, clear space to get our thoughts together.  The picture attached here is of our office in our century home.  It’s definitely a major work in progress but just some fresh paint, a new office desk (which is actually an old refurbished painted dining table), new curtains and some great reflective pieces on the wall (an ensemble of mirrors and candle sconce decoration), the space is ready for us to sit and do some tapping along the keyboard on some/many future late nights.  We’ve added the image here as it gives you a sense of our style and aesthetic; It’s a bit old world charm with some modern touches, like the red velvet upholstery on the office chair contrasted by some sparkly gold and silver of the mirrors and neutral grays on the wall, desk, and flooring.  We are eclectic but love “clean” and simple yet not overly “minimalist”.  We love spaces that are cozy and bright, places and fabrics that make you want to settle in and stay a while.  Old world charm with modern conveniences…like our Google Home.  It’s like a mini personal assistant.  As mentioned above, life gets pretty crazy and busy.  Having this little home “personal assistant” is a simple luxury.  It’s pretty awesome.  We would recommend getting one if you don’t already have one.

Now with this office and the start of our blog…as with all things in life, things gets busy and things will never get done if we keep making excuses or think it is “impossible”.  Often times, all it takes is just a small step and the “just do it” attitude.  Like today, we literally just signed up for our new blog account…as-in less than an hour ago.  There will be a bit of a learning curve but there is no turning back now!  So here we go!  Come along for the ride and enjoy this journey with us!

At some point we will upload and include a picture of our Bubble Belly family, just so those who are following along from around the world know who we are but for now, there will be no picture to share just yet.  The “New Years Annual Family Photo” that we intended to take and “thought” about months and months ago…well, let’s just say we’re “working on it”…

So what do you think of the new office space?  Also, how about that Google Home?  Do you have one?  Let us know what you think by commenting below!  If you enjoy and find value in what we share, please like, comment, share, and follow.  It would mean the world to us and of course, hold us accountable to keep putting the work in and let us know that we aren’t just sharing with crickets…xoxo

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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